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Unfortunately, things are not simple! No worries we are happy to help you with our simple and expert solutions. This will eventually help you in the market for sure.

Digital Marketing

We understand your business, create well strategies with effective methods to reach your goal in an efficient manner using the latest marketing automation tools.

Websites Development

We believe that website is the true spirit for one's business. We provide a good look, grate feel, powerful user experience, and reflecting an effective marketing strategy website for sure.

iOS & Android - Mobile Application Development

As mobile is a great tool for customer engagement, we create applications for both iOS and Android, according to clients needs for their business or industry with adaptive methods and helps them to stand out in the crowd.

Marketplace Management Service

For your business, you can trust us in providing a complete set of marketplace management services so that you can happily concentrate on your business activities. We take your business to Online!!

E- Commerce Website Design & Development

We are experts in designing and developing efficient world-class e-commerce websites. We create accordingly so that your brand is available globally which brings value to your business.

Graphics Design

To get your brand noticed you need a professional graphic design related to your brand vision. Leave your design concern to us and turn your concern to other important strategies.

Industry We Serve

Nowadays Digital Transformation matters. Believe!!! Desai Technology is a one-stop solution for all your industrial transformation needs. The main belief of Desai Technology is every industry that is supported by Software services and solutions will stand unique in the market and its main motto is to boost the revenue of organizations with its new-age services and solutions. Our professional experts having a lot of real-time industrial experience that is used to serve many businesses in different industries

What makes us distinct from other IT service providers are:

  • Recognizing the customer requirements in an easy way
  • Positive Attitude in all situations
  • Practical knowledge implementation
  • A long-lasting relationship with customers
  • Perfect business strategy

We are providing end-to-end customized solutions for diverse industries such as Food, Education, Pharma, Tourism, Packaging, Hospitality, and Health care. We are having extensive experience across many industries to serve thus providing our services to the following industries:

Three steps are required for a successful business enterprise. Trust!! We will help you through these, Consulting, Implementation, and Optimization.

Nowadays companies of every industry are facing tough competition and to stand unique in this competitive world it is necessary to strengthen themselves by being creative, innovative and updated all the ways in its best way. We offer solutions for different industries and our perfect strategies will surely help your businesses to increase return on Investment.

Our Approach

We are having the best approaching techniques which are the reason behind the outstanding performance of our top IT software company. Nowadays everyone realizes that technology is a very competitive one, with new tech organizations starting up almost regular, and with such a significant number of firms competing for specialties, it’s important to stick out. Happy!! We achieved this!! Our great preference is to create a decent item. Our staff approach will be decent and having an idea to communicate in the language of the client as we employ such type of people by searching who believe in the organization’s vision and motivate them to push that vision ahead.

Desai Technology is best known for its creative approach to IT services, Digital Marketing Services, Website Designing and Development Services, Shopify development, Market Place Management Services, Online Reputation Management Services, Branding, Promotions, Banners, Logo, Social media postings, E-commerce website design and development, Graphics Design, and iOS & Android mobile application development which are more flexible and fast, have a constant adapt within ever-changing situations.

Desai Technology is one of the best software companies in Surat, with a unique approach to transform the business into the digital environment and focuses mainly on innovations, creations, design, development, and implementation. With our approach, we have proven our ability to consistently deliver solutions to our clients.

Our steps of approach and key success factors are:

  • Conducting initial meetings with clients to answer their questions regarding requirements and preparing a short proposal with the estimated cost
  • Next, a detailed specification is provided to ensure that we have understood what you need exactly before we move on to build. We double-check this for perfection and We will provide clear communication throughout the project.
  • After confirmation, the architecture is thus laid by our team with high-quality standards and sent for internal testing for minor modifications.
  • After modifying the minor modifications, we will deploy for the end-user acceptance testing and in case of any bugs arises we will track all the issues using tracking tools, we will provide the updated version
  • And Now we will deploy to the production environment with the updated version
  • We will provide production support by being in touch with clients using various options.


Desai Technology!!! Our approach ensures business value.

We keep our deadlines!!!

Our excellence

It’s our pleasure to share about the excellence of our IT software company in Surat which is having different services like IT services, Digital Marketing Services, Website Designing, and Development Services, Shopify development, Market Place Management Services, Online Reputation Management Services, Branding, Promotions, Banners, Logo, Social media postings, E-commerce website design and development, Graphics Design, and iOS & Android mobile application development.

We support and encourage responsive solutions for all types of services provided by us. Yes!! Yes!! We excellently provided responsive solutions for digital marketing, web, and mobile application services. We are excellent at providing market places management services like Amazon Market Place, Flipkart Place, and Walmart Market Place. By our software development company in Surat, all online marketplace management services like sentiment analysis, conversion tracking, demographic analysis, and brand perception management are provided in excellence. Along with these, this infotech company is also proving its excellence in promotions like brand advertising promotions, brochure designing, and package designing.

Desai Technology is one of the best software companies in Surat, and is supported by computer-aided facilities management systems and utilizes the modern state of the art technology to provide the premium excellence services among all industry verticals. Our company is the best business transformation one as we believe the passion around the branded and integrating fun among the operations which are the reason for our software development company so successful. It’s our culture to be with achievement factors. We are customer-focused and determined to fulfil our client’s desires.

Our Desai innovation additionally proposes excellence activities like:

It due to persistence | It cost advancement |  It transition management | It administration management |  It re-appropriating examines  |  It association enhancement |  It portfolio the executives | It procedure and administration | Innovation changes |  Identification of risks | integration plan measurements

So, Join with us thus you are empowered to resolve future difficulties with harvest solutions and can implement these arrangements inside your association.

Research and Requirement Gatherings

After the initial meeting with the client, we will do proper research regarding the project for better understanding and then requirements are gathered and determined.

Design, Development & Initial Testing

We make awesome designs systematically with high-quality standards and thus sent for internal testing for minor modifications and better outcomes in the right ways.

Development & Final Testing

This is an important phase and the actual development work starts here and we will finish it in the proper way and thus sent for final testing. If any issues we will track them and fix them immediately and set for deployment.

Deployment, Maintenance & Promotions

Now deployment to the production environment is done. we give you assurance, if any issue arises at any time we will help you 24*7 and we are having good experience to handle promotion activities effectively as this is an important phase overall.

Whatever is your requirementexcited we have a solution for you!!!

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